Spotlight Project of the Week: Pushing Ahead With Year 2000 in Avnet EM
Avnet Electronics Marketing Group (EM) is pushing forward with its Year 2000 remediation timetable. Here are the highlights: 

Currently, all critical EM systems are undergoing remediation and integration testing. For example, on April 9, EM completed Year 2000 testing for the Demand and Supply Planning Module (DSM) application, a supply chain management system supplied by Manugistics and used by Avnet IMS. 

In a related project, the Enterprise Infrastructure Project (EIP) rollout will impact 130 EM and EM in-plant (IPS) offices and many users. This project is scheduled to complete in early July and will install Year 2000 compliant desktops, servers and infrastructure. 

Elsewhere, the EM team is working with its business partners to ensure compliance and process their inquiries. The EM Project Office processes a weekly average of 100 customer audits, questionnaires and/or surveys. Contact Ray Powers by phone (602-643-4070) or e-mail ( for more information. 

EM users with non-standard applications are encouraged to communicate special needs to the EM Project if a special application is required. The request must include a valid business justification and is subject to Year 2000 compliance testing. 

The EM team completing remediation of all business critical systems as scheduled. This July, the sound of firecrackers won't be just from Independence Day it'll be EM's sound of celebration for completing remediation of all mission critical systems!

Please send comments and/or questions to the Avnet Year 2000 Communication Office.